Lower your taxes with the Tax Shelter for start-ups and scale-ups

Invest in a start-up or scale-up today and get back 25%, 30% or 45% of your investment as tax reduction.


25%, 30% or 45%
of your investment as tax reduction

One way of looking at it:

Invest €1000 in a promising start-up and receive up to €450 reduction on your tax declaration.

This initiative is for all private taxpayers in Belgium; the minimum investment to benefit from the Tax Shelter through the Spreds platform starts from just €100.

How to enjoy the benefits of Tax Shelter?

You have 4 different solutions

1. Investing in individual companies through a crowdfunding platform: Spreds

By investing in eligible Tax Shelter start-ups and scale-ups through a crowdfunding platform, it is necessary to ensure that it has received official approval by the FSMA to offer Tax Shelter to its members. Spreds became the first investment platform in Belgium to receive official accreditation from the FSMA in .

In this case the minimum amounts for each investment are more affordable thus democratising the investment. But investing in young companies contains a certain element of risk. Diversification of an investment portfolio is thus a key factor of success if one wants to distribute the risk that one is taking on in the best manner.

All start-ups presented on the platform will have gone through a rigorous selection procedure. However, this does not suppress the inherent risks linked to start-up and scale-ups investing.

In the case of Spreds, its financial vehicle Spreds Finance becomes shareholder and will manage the entry within the company, thus easing the process for investors.

The tax reduction here is maximum 45% of the invested amount.

For more information check Spreds.

2. Invest in a diversified portfolio by subscribing to a Tracer on Spreds

A Tracer is a service that helps you create a portfolio of diversified start-ups.

Why sign up to a Tracer when you can invest in each start-up through the crowdfunding platform?

Even though a lot of start-ups fail, some succeed and can generate important returns on investments. Thanks to a Tracer, each investor can reduce its risk exposure by investing in different start-ups while having the power to choose to invest or not in each investment opportunity that is offered to them.

The tax reduction here is 45% of the invested amount.

Check Spreds for more information about this service.

3. Investing directly in a start-up or scale-up

Normally reserved for Business Angels. This type of investment requires good legal knowledge. Indeed, there will be times where you will have to negotiate the conditions of entry to your advantage (valuation, etc) and understand the legal documents in front of you because of your signatory status.

By investing directly in a company, you become shareholder, which means that your presence will be required at general assemblies during which you will exercise your voting right.

4. Invest through a starter fund

Through a starter fund, you trust your investment with an investment vehicle that will discretionarily manage your funds and invest according to its investing policy without consulting you before making each investment.

The tax reduction here is 30% of the invested amount.

The Tax Shelter for start-ups and scale-ups is an incentive to encourage entrepreneurship

Belgian start-ups and scale-ups are the backbone of our economy. Young companies find it difficult to attract capital to finance their growth.

Meanwhile, there is more than €257 Billion “sleeping” in savings accounts. These funds could be used to invest in companies.

If just 1% of the Belgian population invested a small portion of their savings into the most promising start-ups and scale-ups, we would create hundreds of new businesses and generate thousands of jobs to rejuvenate our economy and preserve social welfare. You can contribute to a better world and in return get 25%, 30% or 45% of your investment back as a tax reduction.


The Start-up Tax Shelter ebook is for:



Belgian taxpayers can benefit from a tax reduction.



Belgian start-ups receive more support from the public.

Tax advisors


A measure to take into account for the next tax declaration.

What is this website?

This website has been created by Spreds to inform Belgian tax payers about the Tax Shelter.

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